Introducing DeFi 2.0
The first redefined Decentralised trading Platform and liquidity protocol powered by Acura on Polygon

The Platform - Acura DeFi 2.0

Acura’s DeFi 2.0

Acura prides itself to bring you a ground-breaking and revolutionising Decentralised exchange… with a twist. The DeFi 2.0 model drastically improves the efficiency of trading by enhancing the user experience with a redesigned facelifted user interface dissimilar to the previous versions. The platform includes yield aggregated farms, staking pools, a DEXplorer (pair, pool, APR explorer) for its DEX as well as servicing for other DEX’s, Acura bot – a telegram Pricebot for projects and and Project index list - projEX


Polygon is an answer to some of the major challenges that face Ethereum today — such as high fees, poor user experience, and low transaction throughput. The growing nature of Defi on polygon is rapid, but without necessary charts or tools,an investor may struggle in investment optimisation. This is where we fit in Acura's DeFi 2.0 redefines the current DeFi trading experience by entailing an all-in-one order, trade, analyse, stake, learn about projects. A refreshed engine, new databases, exquisite UI/UX, easy to use all in one liquidity generating platform. Acura's crosschain network and ecosystem will allow bridging and crosschain to other networks, all at low costs, and efficient speeds.


Getting started with DeFi is the biggest challenge for beginners in the industry. The current implementation and DEX designs lack the necessary functionalities to improve your trading experience. Implementation of order books, stop-loss, limit orders are inaccessible on decentralised exchanges and this makes it difficult to trade. Without the necessary equipment blind trading may result in excessive losses. We aim to give users an easier, safer, easy-to-use all-in-one trading experience to make DeFi more secure, more intuitive, and more predictable.


Getting started with DeFi is the biggest challenge for beginners in the industry. The DeFI world is young, and Decentralised exchanges lack the necessary analytical data and required tools that enable an efficient and optimised trade. There is a need for the correct analytical data and functions to minimise blind trading and equip people to make DeFi more secure, more intuitive, and more predictable.


Acura Network is the answer and the platform you need that offers various insight tools, enormous amounts of data for enhanced decision making, and deep market analytics to know every possible detail about a DeFi project. Acura equips users with accurate, fast, and efficient chart viewings, a direct swap protocol, transaction limits and stoploss orders, precise order books, necessary explorers and socially uploaded technical analysis and a project index list. Acura ultimately scales and redefines the way DeFi is utilised by enhancing the interoperability and equipping users with an all-in-one Protocol

What we offer

Real-Time Data
Multiswap Pairs
Favorite Pairs
Token Pairs
P&L Tracker
Pair Explorer
Pool Explorer
Price Alerts
Trade Analysis
Order Book
P&L Tracker
Stop loss
Trade Analysis

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